Delaostia – Fashion

A good example of how we could make the most of almost no preproduction time and a tight budget worthy of being projected on the big screen. The behind the scenes was featured on Fashion TV.

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Erasing Dad

Documentary about parental alienation and discrimination against fathers in child custody cases.

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Yoga Rave

Raves are usually associated with alcohol and drugs. Two Argentines have combatted that belief by orchestrating a dance party, combined with yoga.

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Goals for Girls: Short Film

“Goals for Girls: A story of women with balls” investigates the ignored world of women´s football in Argentina.  The women of the Villa 31 and players from different backgrounds reveal that family prejudices combined with complete abandonment by local authorities conspire against the development of a sport that has grown […]

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Eco-escuela: Gran Apertura

Eco-School grand opening A branding video for an event at a special school in Buenos Aires where children learn how to care for the environment. From concept to edition. In Spanish.

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