Documentary about parental alienation and discrimination against fathers in child custody cases.

Directors: Ginger Gentile and Sandra Fernández Ferreira
Producer: Gabriel Balanovsky
Production Company: San Telmo Productions
Specs: 2014/HD/78min

Erasing Dad is a feature documentary film that follows six fathers who are fighting to raise their children after a divorce and features interviews with professionals who admit, on camera, that they do everything possible to keep children and fathers separated. Click here to watch for free on YouTube  Erasing Dad is more than a documentary, it is a movement. We have more than 37,000 followers on our Facebook page in Spanish and have conducted more than 50 television, radio and print interviews. We are changing the debate about parental alienation not only in Argentina (which approved joint custody recently) but around the world. Families have been reunited after their children or the judges involved in their cases viewed the film. Even attempts to censor the film (it was removed from Youtube numerous times, theaters were pressured not to show it) have not prevented us from raising awareness and turning frustrated families into activists. For that reason, we have decided to keep filming and make Erasing Family, which will be a truly international documentary. You can find Erasing Family on Facebook.