Talent and Infrastructure

Argentina is a great value because it offers modern infrastructure and all needed film/HD equipment, and talent of diverse ethnic stock. In addition, over 100,000 US and UK expats live in Buenos Aires, including actors, voice-over artists and scriptwriters. More than 400 major brand commercials for the foreign market are filmed every year and the BBC produces heavily in Argentina.

Production Value

When you move up the production chain in Argentina, the higher your costs savings become. Locally, the best DoP earns not that much more than a fresh film school graduate. This explains why Oscar Winner “The Secret of their Eyes”, a period piece with expensive domestic stars and CGI breakthroughs, cost only USD 3.5 million to make.


Variety Magazine voted Buenos Aires as the best film location-double in the world because it can double for London, Paris, “anywhere USA” and even Mumbai. From jungles to glaciers, with the Andes, grassland, multicolored deserts and salt-flats in between, Argentina offers reverse seasons from the Northern Hemisphere and up to 14 hours of sunlight in January.

Like Will Smith, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Duvall, James Ivory and Spike Lee (among others) you will find the technicians in Argentina first-rate, the people as passionate as they are friendly, and the scenery stunning. Not to mention, great nightlife and dining options for when filming wraps.


Argentina is next door to Uruguay and Chile – two countries that boast modern infrastructure and a complementing array of urban, rural and natural locations. Landscapes in Chile range from the world’s most arid desert to the rainiest spot on the planet and include unique locations Easter Island and breathtaking port city Valparaiso. Uruguay is home to colonial towns, capital Montevideo (which played Havana in “Miami Vice”), and some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the world.

You can read more about what Argentina has to offer, including great location ideas and the latest film industry news, on our blog https://filminginargentina.wordpress.com

“I’ve had an excellent experience filming in Argentina. I believe Argentine technicians are among the best in the world. They are truly creative — the kind that can make something out of nothing, which is an ability Hollywood technicians don’t have… They know how to squeeze the juice out of a lot of things down there — significantly more than a good technician brought from abroad. Maybe that is the worst thing about international film shoots in Argentina: the local talent isn’t taken advantage of.” — Robert Duvall, Oscar Winning Actor and Director, who shot “Assination Tango” in Buenos Aires

“Argentina has a long history of filmmaking, it has wonderful crews who’re very experienced and hard-working, great locations, and while there’s no tax breaks it’s relatively cheap to shoot there.”
James Ivory, six time Oscar winning director, who shot “The City of Your Final Destination in Buenos Aires.